Hi...I'm Indigo

Hi...I'm Indigo

Welcome to my somewhat silent cry for help. Ever since I found out my capabilities and what makes me an outcast in Habitat, I realized I might go insane if I don't journal my memories and make a record of my investigations and future endeavors. I don't care what they think of me or what they might even do to me. Dr. Kai showed me this old documentation method called "writing HTML" that real human beings would use during the time of the American Dream. This place that I was born into is just a little too habitable, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it. So, if somehow you've stumbled upon this "webpage" and you're reading this, then good for you. You are in touch with what we used to be and what we always should have remained. You haven't become numb like the rest of them.

Please, contact me!!!

Also keep in mind as you read that I am constantly updating this page, as new memories of my early days resurface and as I make new discoveries.

And, if you get bored with my tale, here are some other websites that might just tickle your fancy.

My First Memory

It started with an unforgettably distinct grayness, empty and strange. Gosh, I really don't remember much about it but I am certain that I was completely unable to move or speak at first; I had the motive to get up and scream -- not for help, really, but rather any sign of anything at all... it was an exasperating and maddening paralysis that seemed to last for hours on end.

Suddenly there was a hint of color. A blue-ish blur was placed next to me, or what seemed like next to me in whatever manner it may have been. Soon it sharpened; it was an infant swaddled in blue cloth, seemingly lifeless. It was then when I realized my own pink swaddle.

Soon enough my vision sharpened enough to notice that we were not alone; it seemed there were thousands of babies surrounding us, asleep, blues and pinks galore. Right away I knew she was different.

That's when I saw it. In the distance -- starting as a black speck and rapidly approaching. Again I tried to scream but could only muster infantile high pitched wails. Quicker, quicker until soon it was clear what was coming. A sharp, black arrow aimed right for me:


Everything went black.