Hi...I'm Indigo

Hi...I'm Indigo

How I Started to Realize I was Different

Right when I woke was the first time I ever learned my given name. "Indigo. She's so beautiful, Luna," said, at the time, whom I had presumed to be my father. He had dark hair and bright blue eyes. Perfect skin. Almost to the extent of artificial. Same with my "mom".

"I can't believe we finally leveled up Axel. I can't believe we finally get to have a baby girl! We have to tell everyone. Post it on the HabitatFeed now!"And just like that I was put down. Looking around as much as my tiny head was able, it sure seemed like I got really lucky with the family I was born into. My house was pristine. I rememember I pushed aside my teddy bear and looked through the bars of my crib to see my parents frantically touching at a large screen with a picture of me on it. I heard a ping and my mom (Luna) squealed. Then another. And another. And another until they were going off like wildfire. Then he came and picked me up again. "Indigo, you want something to eat?" He clicked 'kitchen' on the big screen, and then 'fridge'. Carrying me downstairs to the kitchen, almost robotically, he opened the fridge. Inside was another screen. "Some milk?" As he dragged his finger around it, an arrow followed -- the mouse. I grimaced.

He clicked a random order of buttons until the he found the option for 'bottle'. With one final touch, he closed the fridge. Milliseconds later was another ping! He reached into the fridge and -- you guessed it -- there was the bottle. The milk made me sleepy. Next thing I knew I was being put down again in the crib. Even though I felt strangely aware, I was still a baby, after all.

Waking up the next morning was a shock. For starters, I had hair on my head and I was about 4 sizes bigger! "What the?!" I exclaimed -- out loud this time. My crib no longer had bars, but instead I was in a small twin bed. And, most strangely, my teddy bear, too, now had a screen on it. Almost instinctively, I clicked "downstairs" and walked. What is this world?

Luna (my mom, I guess?) then insisted that she and I go on a walk. No one commented on my seemingly overnight sudden growth spurt...but I just went with it. I didn't want to outwardly be an outcast. Maybe there was something I was missing.

Viewing the outside world was the straw the broke the camel's back. Immediately I was shaken to my core. Every house we passed was almost identical to the other -- large, lavish, and with only slight variations. Every person they interacted with was their own version of perfect looking. The word “Habitat” incorporated into every place. It seemed like there was an abundance of everything for everyone and an abundance of everyone everywhere. No one frowned.

It was then that I ignorantly asked the question that landed me in Dr. Kai's office for mental health attention: "Mom, what even is Habitat?"